the stories
we tell – become
truths we live
so draw a line –
that means

this life is too short
for half hearted

Reposition: Remake :
            Re : nearly anything... 

I work as a partner — always seeking closer understanding of the business strategy and its wider context. Creatively solving for stakeholder ambitions and project challenges with yet-to-be-imagined futures.

The magic happens along the way—in the conversations, workshops, imaginings, and crazy breakthroughs—these are the moments that strategies take flight.

Client collaborators across the years*
—Toitū Envirocare
—Tourism Holdings Ltd
—Profile Group
—EV Maritime
—Bank of New Zealand
—Manawa Honey
—Mānuka Health
—The Bloomery
—Go Healthy

*Across all — working alongside a network of talented creative minds and makers.

It takes a village – The visuals and work you see here were made in collaboration with amazing client partners and a talented network of designers, photographers, creatives and more. The majority completed at Designworks with my involvement as Senior Strategist. If you’d like to know or see more, get in touch.